Eve Caldwell

Harmless little medic

  • Eve Caldwell was the youngest of six kids.
  • Parents were managers in a local corporation; not excessively wealthy, but enough to have a home in one of the city apartment buildings large enough for their family.
  • Both were killed by a rival corporation’s henchmen. Eve was present to witness the break-in. It was supposedly a robbery, according to police. Eve didn’t question it at the time, since she was six and didn’t know much of anything about… much of anything.
  • Eldest siblings took over running the family for a while, progressively shadier and shadier business got involved. The oldest few siblings got themselves in trouble – either with the law, corporations, their pimps, or their head dealers, and started to be arrested and disappear. The apartment building evicted them all when they missed rent, and at that point everyone started scattering.
  • By the time Eve was twelve she was on her own, attending school by day, and at night she would do her best to find a safe place to put down a sleeping bag for the evening. On weekends she carried deliveries for shops that would hire her, tried to avoid the seedier areas of the city.
  • When she was seventeen she was in an accident. (???)
  • She still has nightmares, wakes up screaming most nights.
  • Once she finished basic schooling, she did her best to get into medical school – and it was only her grades and intelligence that got her there, earning her scholarships to help cover the burden of her educational costs… and some mysterious benefactor throwing in whatever the scholarships didn’t. She excelled, and threw herself into her schooling.
  • Her schooling was interrupted when police contacted her with questions about one of her brothers, who was in custody for various charges, including murder.
  • She lied as much as she could about everything she knew, tried to keep him free of charges – and ended up in prison, herself, when her lies were proven false, for obstruction of justice. Her brother was executed for the crimes he committed.
  • Four months later, she had to fight for her place back in medical school to complete the program, but given the circumstances she was allowed back in.
  • She had a few happy relationships during her schooling, and then one that ended with her lover thrown in prison for stealing/selling drugs from the school/hospital he was interning at. They both still love each other, but she’s refused to be with him until he can prove he’s turning his life around, which definitely won’t be until he’s not in prison anymore.
  • Upon graduation, she was able to get a job in a hospital, then on a Trauma Team, and she moved up in the ranks very quickly to become a specialist.
  • Healing is all she cares about – people are untrustworthy, the world is a terrible place, and all she wants to do is make something better in the one little area she can. Give people a second chance to make better choices, make something a little less bleak.



  • Lydia – 32 – corporate-owned; to pay for family bills growing up
  • Mark – would be 32, except he’s kind of dead; executed for murder.
  • Chase – 30
  • Anna – 29
  • Kenneth – 26

[Former] Lovers

  • James Sullivan – 26 – Eve’s latest ex-boyfriend, smuggled/sold pharmaceuticals on the street to pay for med school. Dated Eve, the two still have feelings for each other, but she won’t be with him unless he “stops being a terrible person”. Occasional letters/faxes between the two. Been in prison for almost a year (at game-start).
  • Odell Gray – 25 – student Eve dated during med-school. Has since graduated. Parted on good terms, relationship simply wasn’t working; friends, but no real frequent contact.
  • Bryan Rockwood – 24 – student Eve dated during med-school. Has since graduated. Parted on good terms, relationship simply wasn’t working; friends, but no real frequent contact.


  • Gal – childhood friends.
  • Possible unknowing mob connection, as “someone” paid for a hefty chunk of her financial burden to get through schooling and may have had a hand in getting her back in schooling after her prison time?

Eve Caldwell

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